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Some texts not being received


Hoping for some help here. For a while now I've had a pretty weird problem. Some texts (both sms and mms) are not received by friends. Both of these friends seem to be iphone users. Texts will show as being sent on my end, but they report not seeing the particular text, photo, etc.

Any ideas? Galaxy note 8, updated. I also had this problem on my previous phone, a pixel.

Have used a variety of messaging programs but the problem persists (samsung messages, android messages, etc.).


Re: Some texts not being received

you can't control what goes on with your friends phones!!

Re: Some texts not being received

Thanks for your response. They only have this issue with me - and I have this issue with multiple people.

So I would suspect the problem is on my end, not theirs (unless you're saying that Apple has acknowledged the problem I'm experiencing and it's an iOS issue).

Re: Some texts not being received
Customer Support


Text messaging is my main form of communication, so I can understand your concern. Since the issue is happening with both iPhone numbers not receiving your text, I would think it's more of an issue on their end. With your message showing as delivered, it means we sent it out successfully. Some iPhone users mainly use iMessage which only works within Apple devices. I would ask them if their SMS option is enabled from their settings to ensure it's working properly. I would also confirm if they mainly use iMessage and if they experience the same issue with other Android users. We can always troubleshoot here if the issue continues after confirming if it's not an issue on their end. Please keep us posted.


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