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My brand new phone is having multiple issues. 1st: MMS messages randomly stop sending. Intermittently I will no longer be able to send MMS messages. I have had 4 different conversations with reps on this issue. Each rep, walks me through the exact same "fix" only for the issue to happen again 3 hours later. Informing the new rep of this issue, they continue to use the same trouble shooting steps as the previous. It is like they are completely ignoring the issue. I still have no resolution for this problem.

2nd: Early this morning I lost cell service all together. I am not being prompted to active the eSIM. When i check the SIM settings, I notice that the physical SIM in my device now shows, "No Provider" I have done nothing on my end other than what trash reps have asked me to do. As of now, I am 5 hours into having zero cell service.
I have had to start 4 different chats just today in an attempt to solve this issue. I am at work and do not have access to a 2nd phone to call the support line. Twice, the rep has refused to send me to their supervisor and ended the chat. Once we lost connection all together.

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Our number one goal is to keep you connected. Our troubleshooting steps are designed in tandem with device manufacturers to ensure that no stone goes unturned when looking for a resolution for your concern. What is the make and model of the device that is having issues?