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The CEO of Verizon has some explaining to do

I understand Verizon is a big company and they need to make sales, and sell us service, but The way we as customers are being treated is absolutely terrible, and this company is getting the most lowest customer service scores out of all the carriers. The CEO is a complete ass (Which i'm sure Verizon will remove this and censor my words). He is not working with his customers to bring them the latest updates to the phones that we pay a large amount of money for. When people have a problem with a product or service we go to you for support, not Samsung, not LG, not Apple, not HTC, but you. As it's your responsibility to solve our issues, and help with customers with their problems.

I"ve heard your Droid Turbo 2 is already receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and yet the Galaxy Note4, and S5 is stuck on 5.0.1

This is absolutely unacceptable for us users of these phones. We are in December of 2015 and it's almost Jan 2016. We expect our phones (Especially flagship phones) to be updated on a monthly basis, but also to get the latest Android OS. Samsung and Google already said they gave all the carriers the newer Lollipop 5.1.1 updates. Apparently the support group at Verizon won't do a damn thing, and probably couldn't anyway other than censor my words. The CEO of this company has alot of explaining to do, or his business will go under when the public begins to see Verizon as they really are, and leaves in mass.

As soon as my contract is up, i'm leaving myself, as i'm sick of the excuses. As i've been waiting forever for this update to solve some of the bugs 5.0.1 has.

This company only cares for $$$$, all out greed as they'd rather sell you another $600 cell phone than to support a year old phone. It's a shame that i have to write this around the holidays, and seeing a company behave so dirty is truly fucked up! Don't forget to censor that as well (Verizon support team).

Anyway i'm finished, as i will in the future tell my friends and family to disregard this company and try T-mobile or some other upcoming company. I will let them know how dirty and greedy the CEO really is.

Re: The CEO of Verizon has some explaining to do
Customer Support

Bigsteelguy, we hope that you reconsider your decision to leave and allow us to continue as your wireless provider. It's important to us that you have the best experience possible on your device. Stay tuned for upcoming software updates for your device here:

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Re: The CEO of Verizon has some explaining to do

There is a catch 22 no matter what you do.

Sprint and T-mobile get updates sooner, but coverage can be terrible.  ATT is up the same creek as Verizon with their carrier branded phones.

SO...trying a non carrier phone (nexus 6p or 5x) should fix everything right?      No!

Because carrier features (like VoLTE and international roaming) won't work on non carrier phones.

THe only left is (gag) iPhone. 

With the changes in phone buying, I am hoping more non carrier phones will encourage changes in carrier service.

In the mean time, move to phones that can work on any carrier so you have flexibility to switch.