What is DT Ignite?

When I went to bed last night my Note5 was working as expected. This morning

it behaves like a PC with insufficient RAM. Very slow, screen freezes, can't

logon the phone correctly.

I've had to power cycle the phone a number of times to get it behave. Eventually it begins

to do the same thing.

When I looked at the battery use I see an app called DT Ignite. It can't be uninstalled,

has a lot of privileges and is using 5% of my battery for the day. It's not listed as uninstallable

and past discussions have listed it as bloatware from the manufacturer. Something is different

as I've never seen it in the list of apps using the most battery.

I'll admit overall I regret buying the Note5. If I hadn't cracked the screen on it I would go

back to my S4 and might just outright purchase the Nexus 6P to get away from the

bloatware on the very expensive phone that we all pay good money for. Yet again

and again carriers and manufacturers fill our devices with bloat.

Re: What is DT Ignite?

it's an auto app installer, google for info to remove it.