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When is Verizon going to send us an official notification on how to replace our Note 7's

The most likely solution seems to be that you should go to your nearest Verizon store and trade your Note 7 for a loaner and when the replacement Notes became available you could trade in your loaner (with no exchange fee) for the new Note. Sounds good so far.

I loaded up my phone and everything that came with it and made the half hour drive to my nearest Verizon corporate store. I was second in line when they opened this morning. A very nice young man stepped up to help me. I told him that I was here to get a loaner while I waited for my new Note. His manager was standing there and informed me that Verizon did not have a loaner program. He said what I could do was trade in my Note for a different phone with no exchange fee and then when a new Note became available I could trade in that phone for a new Note with no exchange fee.

After I got over my confusion about a temporary trade in versus a loaner, I told him that was what I wanted to do.

The young salesperson took over and everything went great until I handed him my paperwork. I had purchased my phone at GoWireless, a Premium Retailer of Verizon phones. I now needed to take my phone back to GoWireless. That goes against everything I have read on this forum. of course, when I went across the parking lot to GoWireless, they told me that was a Verizon program not a GoWireless program. They will not honor it. So now I am still using a phone that has been recalled.

Re: When is Verizon going to send us an official notification on how to replace our Note 7's
Customer Support


Your safety is a top priority for us. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We want to make sure we provide you the proper information regarding the recall. You would need to go back to the original point of purchase for the device. Once, you are there they have the ability to return your device and provide you options of getting another device or options of a loaner phone for the mean time. In corporate stores we do allow you to get another device. You can then move back into the Note 7 if Samsung does release a revised device. We want to make sure you are provided all options. Can you please provide the address for the location of the GoWireless? We want to make sure we lift this up.

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