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Wheres KNOX! Wheres block mode!

Ok so im new to Verizon and i bought a note 3 at full retail. When i go in to turn on KNOX its no able to. WTF!! Really, why does every other carrier get to use it and not Verizon. Not only that but the BLOCK MODE is gone too. If you don't know what that is ill tell you. Its the same as the DO NOT DISTURB function on the iPhone. Why are these functions not activated on the my note 3? I would really like for someone in Verizon Tech support to answer my question. Or could i be directed to the someone that can help activate the functions that SAMSUNG design for the phone, which Verizon has no right to remove. HEY VERIZON ITS NOT YOUR PHONE AFTER WE PURCHASE IT WE HAVE ALL THE RIGHT TO MAKE IT OUR OWN.

Re: Wheres KNOX! Wheres block mode!

Blocking mode is on the Note 3! Go to Settings > Device > Blocking Mode. There is also a notfication panel quick setting for it.


Unfortunately, there is no Samsung Knox app on here at this time. Knox is under the Android Device Manager, but I think it is just for IT to put certain settings on your phone, similar to Microsoft Exchange. Verizon is notorious for modifying the software on their phones, been this way before smartphones - RAZR flip phone was a good example. If you are concerned with such features, research it before you purchase.