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Why new customers get better pricing then existing customers

To Verizon Customer Service,


Recently my daughter asked when her phone upgrade is available?  So I looked for her, and her phone is ready this month (May2021).  We have four lines on our service, and we have three lines that could be upgraded at this time.  I have not wanted to upgrade my phone since my last contract (I had the Samsung S6 Edge Plus), because of insurance I have the S9 now.  Not wanting to upgrade for several reasons; I don’t like the extra monthly cost, how much it costs consumers now for an upgrade, and how it doesn’t seem like it matters to Verizon.  So when my daughter asked, and I looked for her Verizon customer service made it seem it would be great to upgrade all three lines for us.  So I talked to my family, and they agreed we should upgrade all three lines.  We talked about which phone each of us wanted, and I called back  then customer service now had a different price?  Now I had to discuss the new cost with my family!  Now the next time I called back the cost changed again??  After another call, and cost changing again, I decided to research several different things?  Then I called back again, and of course another price change (None of these price changes were good for us) higher each time!  So I asked Kerry, why this could be, and why new customers receive better prices and deals??  Of course Kerry didn’t not, or could not answer my questions?  After almost an hour trying to get an answer, or someone who could answer he came up with part of an answer and prices closer to new customers.  I do not know how Verizon could not care enough for their existing customers to give them something like new customers, or better??  We have been with Verizon longer than Verizon has been called Verizon!!  My wife when I met her in 1997 had a bag phone for her car.  We purchased our first flip-phones before the company name changed to Verizon.  So it really started to upset me with all this time, and loyalty with Verizon nothing benefits my family?  Verizon would rather give great deals, and anything else to new customers.  I researched how much four new lines, and new phones with Verizon as a new customer would cost monthly.  The cost with either new Samsung, Apple, or Motorola, with the best packages cost less then our package does with two phones with no contracts.  How can this be?  How can Verizon treat old customers like this?  We get nothing from Verizon for how long we have been with them!  Not even an anniversary card for the years with Verizon! It upsets me Verizon Would not show nothing for over twenty years with Verizon.  One would think a free upgrade every two or three years on one line, accessories, gift card, a weekend trip, or pricing like new customers!!  So I am to call back May 4, 2021, because Kerry stated the phones (Samsung s20 ultra note) were not available at the time we talked?  I’m sure prices will change again??

Now my questions; Why does Verizon not care about existing customers?

Why do new customers receive way better pricing on everything then existing customers?

Why doesn't Verizon show any gratitude toward loyal customers, especially oldest customers?

I look forward to Verizon’s answers if Verizon will actually answer the questions?




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Re: Why new customers get better pricing then existing customers

Verizon CS have no input on this. That's Verizon's marketing team who don't interact with customers. Verizon hasn't done contracts for years either. All carriers do a payment plan and those deals are not new customer deals, they are new line deals. If you don't need a new line, it's not aimed at you. Customers from other carriers complain about the same thing.

Those deals exist to make things easier on someone being added to an account. When the goal is get a free / heavily discounted phone just because, it's false churn and highly looked down upon. The only thing a carrier is obligated to do is provide service you're paying for. If you want a fancy phone, pay for it like everyone else.

Re: Why new customers get better pricing then existing customers

The least they can do is waive the upgrade fee if you have been with Verizon so many years! That would at least give loyal customers a perk or look at the competitors if they dont want to deal!