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Why won't my Galaxy S5 turn on, charge or do anything at all?

I had the same problem with my S5.  One moment it was working, the next it was mysteriously caught in a boot loop, then it was totally inoperable.  The phone was 2 and a half years, old, no damage whatsoever.  I brought in to Verizon and the first thing they suggested was to buy a new phone, without looking at mine.  Next, they did look at it and said it was either a software or hardware issue and told me to go to a phone repair place.  The repair shop had my phone for three days and told me they had no idea what was wrong.  It would not turn on, even with a new battery.  I lost all of my contacts and a year's worth of photos.

I activated my son's S5 and transferred my number.  This time my phone lasted six days before it started overheating, and again I lost my photos (after Verizon supposedly set up my backup to the Cloud).  I am thoroughly disgusted!

Re: Why won't my Galaxy S5 turn on, charge or do anything at all?
Customer Support

FYREBELLY,  I would be disgusted too. Contacts and photos are the only things I really care about from my phone. Please tel me, how long has it been since you lost the content? Have you been able to view your VZW Cloud content online? My Verizon > My Plan and Services > My Cloud Media & Contacts. Was any of your information found there? 


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Re: Why won't my Galaxy S5 turn on, charge or do anything at all?

I had the same problem with my S5 but after the update to marshmallow. Did you try a new battery in Your phone? Have you been get all the new updates for your phone? Did you try your battery in your sons phone and if you did was it getting hot with your battery in it?