Wireless charging not working after Nougat update
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Is anyone else having a problem with wireless charging after Nougat update? I keep my wireless charger on my desk at work. I did my update and then left. Came in the next day and the wireless isnt charging. Its not the charger because someone with an S7 and S8 have both tested it and they can charge on it. Any one else having this problem ?

Re: Wireless charging not working after Nougat update
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Boy oh boy, a software update should improve your phone, gdgetguru.  Is it the S6 or S6 Edge that you’re using?

I’m glad you were able to test out other phones to rule out the charger. This means we’ll focus on the device. I’d like to try and avoid a Factory Reset if at all possible. For starters, in case there’s a corrupt file, let’s wipe the cache. Here’s how:


Let us know of your findings.


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