avoid lollipop for note 3 users in my opinion.

Downloaded lollipop at the beginning of the month and turned a great functioning phone into a pile of junk. After the update the auto dim and screen shutoff time would not work regardless of the setting. After plugging my phone in to charge one night and putting it down apparently the screen stayed on....I now have shadows on my phone where the keyboard seems to have almost burned it's immage into the screen. The fix from tech support was to delete all my apps one by one untill the issue was fixed, a pain but it did resolve the issue. Next Microsoft Exchange decided to stop functioning properly. I receive my emails but no text.. just who it was from and it has no body to the message. Cell quality seems to be an issue as well. Pre up date i hardly dropped calls... post update in the same areas i make calls and drop half of them now or i loose audio and cant hear the caller. Finially Google maps works... as long as you don't want to know your location or use it for directions. After a factory reset and essentially starting from scratch with putting what apps and such back on the phone I still have an overpriced paperweight on my hands. In the time it took to complete this message I have gone from 89% battery life to 64%....crappy battery life seems to be a result of the update as well. Definitely wishing I skipped the update. If anyone has ideas about fixing the GPS, call quality or email issues through exchange I'm willing to try most anything. Untill then it will continue holding the papers in my out box down nicely since that's it's newest best function.

Re: avoid lollipop for note 3 users in my opinion.
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You are correct.  The problems are detailed all over the place and easy to find.  Someone I know at work updated and after over a week of trying to fix issues with service, (Verizon was unable to help), finally used another lines update eligibility to change to another model of phone.  So stay away, it may break your phone.  The only real hassle is that the only way I have found to avoid the update is to set the update to a later time in the middle of the night and then make sure to turn off your phone every night.  Then refuse the update every morning when you start your phone and reset the time to the middle of the night.  Must be done every day without fail or you will be sorry.