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battery problems

Namaste :-).

This is part rant/question. I have had my note4 for nearly a year. I love it. Last week at my granddaughters' birthday party, every time I tried to take a picture it would shut off. Was odd because I never have problems.Well in next day or two, started shutting itself down every time it was off charger, until it would not turn on without being on charger, even though battery was at 100%. so took to Verizon store, rep reset it, troubleshot it, etc.... 😞 to no avail. I requested a new battery to try that and see if that was just the problem. the representative stated, they don't do batteries anymore. Said they were phasing out the batteries ??........Well I have insurance, and since my phone is in excellent condition.I have never gotten it wet or dropped it and it is always in the case with a screen protector, this allowed me to replace it without using deductible. So as I waited all day for replacement, which verizon sent to my old address, despite my changing the address numerous times, even in store yesterday, Thank God that address is a relative.

FINALLY get it after my night job at midnight, go to activate it and its doing the same damn thing. They didn't send new battery, so had to put old battery in it and THAT is the problem. I am so angry right now and frustrated. I am going to Verizon store first thing in the morning and someone best make sure I leave that store with a functioning phone.

My question is ...........I recall reading an article either in "Wired" or online about these new fast chargers....Trust me, I love that my phone can fully charge in like 20 minutes, but article stated it was burning up the batteries. In fact just about a month ago, I had to replace my usb cord to my charger because it had burnt right through the wire, which in fact the verizon salesman told me was common problem. Now when I get my new phone, I am apprehensive to use the fast charger. I have the clean master and battery doctor apps on my phone, and use frequently to cool down the phone and do not overcharge.

So I guess after my rant, my question is has anyone else had this problem? and what are your thoughts on the fast chargers burning up the batteries.

If u read this, Thanks for letting me rant.....not feeling quite as angry now.


Re: battery problems
Super User
Super User

Sounds like Verizon Wireless replaced the phone under warranty not insurance. If you went through insurance, you would have made a claim through Asurion and paid the deductible.

Warranty replacements come as certified used and often without the battery if it was a removable battery.

You might have tried a different battery in your original phone before going down the warranty route.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.