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battery woes after kitkat

Had my note for about 8months and I was extremely happy with it until I updated to kitkat. Prior to kitkat I had no problem gaming, texting, pictures, and calls all day without a charge. After update im out of juice before noon with less activity than before. Im now using power saver, turning off wifi, and bluetooth just to get a little longer out of my battery so I dont miss a call before I get back home. Before I could game while I charged and it would still charge the phone very quikly using the charger that came with it. Now as I looked through these forums with my screen turned all the way down and nothing else going on with phone my charge has stayed at 12% for the last half hour. Yesterday I had to turn the phone off to get a full charge in a reasonable timeframe. Fix whatever the battery drain is. I am extremely disappointed to find out you pushed kitkat with a known issue   that's this bad. If it helps android system is now using as much power as the screen 17% each. Wifi is at 11%, android os is 8%, and the game I play is at 5%. My game used the be the only thing more than a percentage or two except the screen.

Re: battery woes after kitkat
Customer Service Rep

We truly appreciate the feedback,Township_Rebellion. Please confirm battery details in settings --> Battery. Click on the battery graph as well to display network signal, GPS and screen status so we can determine what may be draining the battery quicker than before. We want to be able to forward your findings to the software team.

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Re: battery woes after kitkat

Yes, I have been having the same battery issues after the Kit Kat update. This phone used to easily go 2 days with lots of usage.  Not I'm lucking to get 16 hours.  I went to sleep with a 100% battery last night and it's down to 60% after only six hours.  Normally, it would still be around 93% after sitting unused for that long. There is nothing eating abnormally eating the battery in the battery stats screen. The phone is not being held awake or anything like that.

Really is a shame because this was an excellent Android device.  Now I feel like we've gone back to the bad old days of the Thunderbolt and Bionic Smiley Sad

Re: battery woes after kitkat
Enthusiast - Level 1

This is the fifth post that I've read and none of it has answers. All they have is Verizon Support asking for battery graph and then no reply. I've factory reset my Note 3 four time already, it seems to work for a day or two then it drains again. I've deleted just about every application there is to delete and still nothing. My phone is almost useless as I've disable nearly everything. This is crappy service, Verizon is 3x the price of T-mobile, you would expect a lot more than this.