only receive some images in text

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, 1 year old. for the last 6 months +/- when people send me text messages with images, i will only receive some of the images. for instance, i received a few texts yesterday from my mother. the first included 11 pictures but i only received 4, the next included 10 pictures but i only got 2, the final included 5 and i got all of those. i know the number sent as she indicates how many since we discovered this issue.

she is using an iPhone and my sister (also on an iPhone) receives all of them without issue in the same text conversation. this happens with others as well. at first i thought she was just trying to send too many at once, but there have been times that she will send 1 or 2 and i won't receive at all. i have tried different messaging apps and that doesn't help. I have factory reset, doesn't help. cleared cache, doesn't help.

has anyone else had this issue, i have searched the inter-webs extensively and cannot find anyone else with this problem. i am super frustrated by this, as someone that lives 2000 miles from the majority of my family, we share lots of pictures. oh, and we are all on Verizon. i love my android but if this continues i may have to switch to apple just to get over this headache.

please help!! thank you in advance.