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phone speaker

My phone speaker quit working.  Any help is appreciated.

Re: phone speaker
Customer Support


Help has arrived! Is the speaker affected on both calls and while listening to audio on your Note 4? When did this issue begin? Does the device have any physical/liquid damage?


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Re: phone speaker

My experience with Note 4 speakers is they malfunction as often as they work properly.  When the speaker is activated there is dead air between myself and the other party.  I am on my fourth Note 4 in a month due to this problem, that is I bought a new phone and Verizon has sent me three replacements in an effort to fix the issue.  Each phone has malfunctioned in exactly the same way.  Verizon and Samsung are unable to discuss this with me other than going through all the diagnostic steps every time I call to ask for help.  I am at the point of either living with the problem or changing phones altogether.

Something I find amazing is when I talk to Verizon or Samsung they say this is not a reported issue.  Maybe I am the only person who had this experience.  Maybe I got the only four Note 4's (in a row) that malfunction like this.  Maybe. 

The other issue with the phone is that the same dead air glitch occurs with blue tooth use.  Thus, I cannot use my speaker phone or my headset.  This leaves holding the phone to my ear, which is rather old school and does not work with my state's driving laws. 

Any fixes or reality checks are welcome.