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samsung + verizon = expensive paperweight

I am experiencing many of the same issues other people have commented on. Dropped calls (never dropped calls before) where I used to get great reception. Fluctuations in signal from 3 bars to 0 without moving the phone. Screen freezing. Overheating frequently. WiFi is intermittent even standing near the router. I paid 700 $ for the phone and I pay 300 $ per month for service. What did I get?  A paperweight. This phone was purchased in March so it is a fairly new phone. I've attempted all of the usual troubleshooting ideas. What next?  Bash it with a hammer? I find this all very frustrating.

Re: samsung + verizon = expensive paperweight

I'm sitting in the same spot and my phone rebooted itself. When it powered on I had 2 bars of 4G and it dropped to 1 bar of 3g. Additionally,  I have been reading this forum for the past 30 minutes and went from 90% battery to 53% battery life. My phone temp goes up to 145 just charging. I suspect this is a samsung problem not a Verizon problem but verizon I bought the phone from you 6 months ago. What now? If I am advised to reboot or factory reset my phone again I am going to toss this phone at them.

Re: samsung verizon = expensive paperweight
Customer Support


Wow, I can totally understand your concern. But, I would hold off on bashing it with a hammer! We want to make sure we keep the phone in one piece. I know you have stated that you have done a lot of troubleshooting already. Have you tried to place the phone into safe mode and test it out for a few hours: Please keep us posted.


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Re: samsung   verizon = expensive paperweight

I live in 43062 and they sent me a Network extender which is fine when I am home but I drop calls like crazy when within or close to that zip code.  It all started with the last update and has gotten worse.  Other people have the same problem and not all of them have a Note 3.  I been with you guys for like 15-20 years when it was Air Touch and I had a better signal on the analog phone.