Responded to Verizon's request to Private message - NOBODY RESPONDED from Verizon
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I've been TRYING to get a trade in credit applied to my account. We gave our phones to Verizon in Dec of 2020. Multiple phone calls to store AND Verizon corporate. Decided to respond to a community board message regarding ONE TIME Trade-in Charges. Was asked to respond privately, which I did. Sent a link to chat with a Verizon agent, waited over 10 minutes, no response. Then another link was sent, I clicked on it and it said session has expired. And they are no longer responding to the original message they sent me. Wow. 

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Frustrated2022, we are here for your support and we want to make sure you receive a resolution for your trade-in promotion concern. We have sent you a new Private Message. Please continue to meet us back in the Private Message box so that we are able to assist you with a resolution.