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2 months later and still not happy
Enthusiast - Level 2
I had to upgrade in February because a family member moved out and had to cancel his fios. So I had to get my own account. Which fios only offered quantum .but these quantum boxes are terrible. Nothing but slow and freezing problems with it, I can't scroll threw the channel guide without it freezing the remote stops working even tho their is brand new battery's in the remote, if I am searching for stuff days ahead the guide doesn't load instead it says loading please wait and it never loads. The font is horrible it doesn't say the full title of the movies. I never bad these problems with the STD boxes and why aren't these quantum boxes up to date with the STD boxes. I want the STD box back instead of this quantum garbage . Is their a way I can switch it
Re: 2 months later and still not happy
Specialist - Level 2

New customers are getting the new boxes even if they don't have quantum service and only want 2 tuners instead of 6. They are making it very hard to get the old boxes or saying that you can't go back. I know some have gone to a Fios store to get them, but that is the only way I know of.

There has been a known memory issue with the quantum boxes which can make them sluggish. Rebooting the boxes clears this memory up. I would reboot the boxes randomly every few days and see if that speeds things up. There have been some recent minor updates which some have said is fixing the issue. I have never seen these issues ever since quantum came out myself, but know plenty of others who have seen it. Personally my service is pretty snappy.

There's also a major update said to be coming at the end of the month if testing goes well, which may fix the memory issue all together.

If rebooting the box doesn't speed things up then it is possible there could be an issue with the network or even the router since guide info and ondemand is pushed through the router. Wouldn't be a bad idea to try rebooting the router as well.

It's also possible you have a defective box which can and does happen. You could always have them send you a new one and see if that fixes it.

Re: 2 months later and still not happy
Master - Level 1

The VMS boxes require that all splitters be replaced to Moca 2.0 compliant. The server is the only box that uses RF the clients use Moca to communicate to the server.