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Adult content in On-demand is NOT HIDDEN despite parental controls!
Enthusiast - Level 1

As a parent of pre-teens I am very cautious about them just accessing on-demand services, even though they always go right to the kid zone.  I have all of the parental control set so that if they scroll down to the Adult tab, the listings show up as Adult Title.  At least they appear to!  When you start scrolling through the adult titles, some of the channels actually have listings with VERY explicit titles.  There is no way to get to view these descriptions in detail, but the overview is bad enough!  There are terms there that are quite graphic and very inappropriate for children.  Is there a way to just remove adult programming from on demand or even to remove the channel from the guide without using the favorites section?

Either way, there is an error here and it needs to be corrected.

Re: Adult content in On-demand is NOT HIDDEN despite parental controls!
Specialist - Level 1

It would help if you were to provide what version of the guide it is that you have as i have 1.91 IMG and there are a lot of options to prevent those kinds of images, titles, descriptions from being seen by children. If you have the 1.9 IMG then i am not sure if you have those options that i have. If you have the 1.91 IMG then go to menu then settings then parental controls where you will have to put in your pin then scroll down to advance settings where you will have a bunch of options there that include the options to block VOD (video on demand) or all of the channels that exist on the guide that you do not want them to see or you can block things by their rating and if you watch those kinds of things but do not want the kids to see that you do watch it you can block them from seeing what it is that you have that is for adults only. I too have seen those very graphic titles on channels 440, 441, 445, 1005 when scrolling through the guide but since i have no interest in them it does not mean much to me. Those first three channels are listed right after the movie channels which is odd but maybe in the future they will move them. The bigger concern for most parents is not so much what is on tv but what is available online for free to see where not only do parents have to be concerned about images online at their homes but they should also be concerned about when their children go over to a friend's home where that kind of content can be easily accessed at another person's home often without parental supervision.