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Audio dropout

I have a QIP 6416-2 HD DVR connected to my Samsung 4k TV with HDMI.

I have seen audio dropout problems mentioned in the forums going as far back as 2008 but nothing very recent.  I am having two specific problems:

1.  Occasional lowering of volume without user input to cause it which usually lasts about 15-20 seconds.

2.  And most annoying, are audio dropouts which last long enough for a word or single syllable of dialogue to be completely missed.  This happens at random times and may occur as many as 100 times during a 1 hr broadcast.  It will happen whether I am watching a broadcast or DVR playback BUT does not reoccur if I "rewind" my program a few seconds and replay the where it happened before.  This tells me that the problem is not in transmission and must be in the STB.  Incidentally, I had this same problem with a formerly used Sony Bravia TV.

With years of forum complaints and alleged "fixes" to refer to I have tried them all without any luck.  I have:

-changed out the HDMI cord.

-routed the STB HDMI cord to a different TV input.

-accessed the "hidden menu" > additional HDMI settings > and changed to L-PCM.

-accessed the FIOS menu > Settings > Audio & Video > Audio > Dynamic Range & selected None.

-on the same page accessed Volume Control and alternated between Fixed & variable.

-accessed Audio format and alternated between stereo and surround.

-and probably a few other suggested fixes that I've forgotten over time.

I have two other STB's in my home, one SD and the other HD(non-DVR).  I do not have this problem on those other boxes.

This kind of problem or something similar is mentioned hundreds of time in these forums over at least 6 years.  Hasn't FIOS come up with a fix yet?  Can anyone help, please?

This is maddening enough to cause me to consider going back to Comcast, God help me.

Re: Audio dropout
I have the same audio dropout issues! It's been doing it for over a year and drives me absolutely crazy!! It does it on both of my DVRs. Downstairs, I have a Sony TV and use the TV does it. Upstairs, I had a Toshiba TV with an LG home theater system for sound...that one did it. Now, I've switched the upstairs configure to be a brand new Vizio TV and. Brand new Samsung soundbar...still does it. My point is that it's not your TV or anything, it has to be the box. It makes me want to go back to DirecTV.
Re: Audio dropout
Enthusiast - Level 3

I once replaced every cable and connection in my house because V said it had to be inside.  I then called for a tech to come out and because I had already done those things he replaced the outside box on my house wall.  Solved the problem.  There are computer chips in the box.  CAUTION: be sure you've tried everything because they won't replace that box easily.

Try running a new cable from their box directly (thru a window if needed) to the STB and a new HDMI to the tv and see if it still happens.  If so, it's their outside box.

Re: Audio dropout

I was under the impression that Verizon tech reps cruised these boards.  Going on near to a month since I posted this and nothing.  It's not like this is a unique problem, I've seen hundreds of similar complaints going back to 2008.  (Though no helpful solutions). 

Trtying to get a live person on the phone is such an aggravating experience I thought this might take less time.