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Cant seem to get any response from Verizon is anyone there?

Well, we unplugged one of our boxes, and after plugging it back in, the box didn't power back on. So the chat service sent me a new box. Of course that takes two business days.

So I decided to move a box that was working fine (checked first) from a room that isn't used much and plugged it in and it didn't work either. moved the box back to the original location and well, it didn't work either.

Contacted support via chat, and it was going to be necessary to send a tech. In three days...

Tech came with a new box. And while I'm at it, I have any number of contractors come to the house, plumbers, HVAC techs, pest contrll etc. They all wear booties. Not verizon, just trudge on in. He plugged it in, and well, it didn't work. I explained to the tech that these used boxes probably do not have the most up to date firmware, and when doing the inital download, the current firmware locks up the box.

He didn't have another box. So he had to go to the local depot and get a new box.

He came back with two boxes, the first one did not work. The second one, finally worked. Really? had to go through three "new" boxes from verizon before one worked? Great quality control. And this isn't the first time for me. Maybe a year ago I got the upgraded multiroom DVR. One was sent. First it was scratched up, but more importantly it would not work, and could not be initialized from support. A new box was sent. Guess what that didn't work and well, it was a refurbished box. I complained that I want a brand new not openeed DVR box. I got the enxt one sent, and it was a new box and newer model than what I had been getting dumped with and it worked. not even the verizon techs are getting tested proven boxes. 

Remeber the box that originall failed that came? Waited two business days, and when I got that box I went through the self install which failed. FInally had to get the support on chat, who was able to do something and got the box working. But the picture was very pixeled. He performed another routine and that finally cleared up the picture. The problem with that box is the condition. Scratched lens, scratched paint, looks like it was dropped a number of times. Great job.

I asked the support rep where I can send an email for a complaint who gave me a link (last week so it's not out of date info) where you complete the information and submit, and the system sends you back a message with a tracking ID. Mine was {edited for privacy}, supposed to respond in two business reponse yet, so I sent two more and all I get is the automated do not reply to this address response.

I also expressed my disgust over the verizon email systems. When overseas, you cannot send or receive your verizon emails. When I checked about this with chat support, I was told this was the policy of verizon. Seriously? So when overseas, I have to forward all my emails to another address..unbelievable.

I hope someone from verizon checks my original complaint. I pay you guys a pretty good sum each month and this is not what I expect. The chat lines are useless for compaints, unless you want to see an apology typed in your face...