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DVR Schedule conflicts

I just switched from Directv to Fios and so far when it comes to the guide functions and DVR I am somewhat disappointed. My biggest peeve is when I schedule shows for the DVR. If there is a conflict Fios just gives up. With Direct TV it would search for a viewing of the show at time when there wasnt a conflict. This of course would only work for channels like HBO, FX, Bravo, Showtime etc where they will show the same episode multiple times over the course of a week.

Is there something I am missing? After only a month I am already considering switching back. Fios functionally jsut seems so far behind Direct TV its unbelievable.

Oh and I love this as an example of how "sharp" Verizon is, I ran spell check on this post and it didnt even recognize the term "Fios". Why wouldnt you make sure all your own terms and words were in the dictionary that will undoubtedly show up often in posts? Seems like common sense to me. Just one more piece of evidence that Direct TV is the best. (except when it rains)

Re: DVR Schedule conflicts
Master - Level 3

Try using the guide and selecting UPCOMING SHOWS.  That wil let you know when it is on within the guide data period and you can then choose when to view / record.

Re: DVR Schedule conflicts
Enthusiast - Level 2

Also just switched from Direct TV and aam struggling to figure out how to resolve scheduling conflicts.  I do not see the option in the guide for "upcoming Shows".  Also, the info in the guide or when you search for shows is so difficult to read.  Th eonly option I've found for the conflicts is to find another showing of the same episode (and not all views.searches provide the episode name) and then go back and cancel the original conflict.  Any other suggestions?

Re: DVR Schedule conflicts
Contributor - Level 1

No other options.  You must actually do a little work yourself.  How dare they!

Re: DVR Schedule conflicts
Specialist - Level 1

I like the fact that it gives you more options as to when to record something. We usually choose

a very late/after midnight time so it doesn't interfere with programs being viewed during primetime.