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DVR TIming Error

I am tired of the DVR starting and ending late on programs I DVR. I understand the problem. The clock in the DVR is set (quite accurately) to real time. The program is being sent in real time, BUT, it has all the inherent delays associated with downloading from a satellite, multiplexing it at the cable head end with all the other signals etc. You set your DVR for a show. The show is to start at 7 pm. The recording starts at 7 pm, but the program is late in arriving (due to the delays). You miss the beginning (trumpeter on CBS Sunday Morning). The DVR should be set not to the time, but some information that the DVR can use to know when to start and end. Yes, the DVR allows you to adjust the start and end times from 1, 5, 10 minutes. If you have two shows set to record, one of them might be in conflict (due to settings). Another example of shows being lost of screwed up is 60 Minutes (during football season). The show is set to start at 7pm. The game rubs over. The DVR starts at 7pm anyway (and ends at 8 pm). The DVR has no idea that the show started late or will end late. Frustrated DVR User, Marc Reisterstown, MD

Re: DVR TIming Error
Super User
Super User

Remember you are talking to peers here.

You can pad extra time to the beginning or end of programs in your Scheduled recorings and series recordings.

The first thing you mention should be less that a couple seconds lost. 

A bigger problem is the networks that intentially start or end programs other then at the half hours.  The STB can only be set to the nearest minute.  However even then it is dependent on this info being passed onto the group that Verizon users of guide info (I belive thats currently Tribune Media Services)

The run over problem is currently not handled at al all esp. for sports programs.