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ESPN Classic, Chs. 71 & 571

What's up with this channel?  I enjoy the classic programming, the epic games, the historic stuff.  However, in the last few weeks, I get a message on this channel either for "ESPN Buzzer Beater" or "ESPN Goal Line".  No programming, just a message and generic music. 

Today, miraculously, ESPN Classic has returned to 71!  Is it back to stay?  What are those other channels? (Never had any programming anyway) 

Re: ESPN Classic, Chs. 71 & 571
We have not been advised that  there were any problems on those channels.  We will continue to research to see if there are any other customers that has had this issue.  The channels should not go out but there could have been an provider issue that we were not aware of.  Please let us know if you need further assistance.  
Tonya D. 
Re: ESPN Classic, Chs. 71 & 571

There is no HD verison of ESPN Classic.  It is only on channel 71.  As these are classic shows, they would not have been recorded in HD. 

Channel 571 right now is the ESPN Goal Line channel.  It usually comes on Saturdays during college football.  It is simiar in some ways to the NFL Redzone Channel.

Re: ESPN Classic, Chs. 71 & 571

Yeah, except now channel 571, Goal Line Channel, has disappeared completely from the guide, and is "unavailable" if you go to it directly. I tried to call about it, but the guy on the help line didn't even know that that channel ever even existed. I hope it's not gone, but no one at Verizon that I have talked to knows anything about it, so how could they possibly fix it or give an answer as to what happened?