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FIOs mistakenly thinks Daily show airs new episodes on Monday

I have Daily Show and Colbert Report set to record the series and only capture first-run episodes and no duplicates. Basic standard series manager settings for ongoing shows - first-run only, record only the channel that airs the new episode, and don't store duplicates (really superfluous though).

So problem is each week on Mondays, there seems to be a glitch as two rounds of these shows are set to record - in the morning and then again at around 7:30pm. These are not first-run shows. The normal first-run shows are at 11pm. But somehow they are tagged that way and I have to manually delete the recordings each week. Kind of a pain.

Anyone else having this problem? Anyone from verizon able to look into it and fix it?

thanks in advance.

Re: FIOs mistakenly thinks Daily show airs new episodes on Monday

In you go into the series manager and set the series to record only at selected time you will not get the re-runs regardless of how they are tagged.

I have the Daily Show set for new and firstrun, at selected time, on  selected channel and to get Colbert I have it also set to end 30 minutes late - single recording 2 shows.

Re: FIOs mistakenly thinks Daily show airs new episodes on Monday

Unfortunately it is because the Channel Guide data is so much inaccurate garbage that this is occuring. As much as I like FiOS the program listings are the bottom of the barrell bad. Because the DVR relies on this program data and it is so overloaded with inaccurate data what you are asking about occurs. And I'll spare everyone my rant about that because it has been that way since I first subscribed back in 2008 and Verizon could care less about it.