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Specialist - Level 1

You people at verizon are no different than a typical cable company now where there is very little that differentiates you from other cable companies like comcast where customer service is simply not there when someone needs it. People are paying hundreds of dollars a month for this service but they are not getting what it is that they are paying for plus the assistance that should be there when there are issues is not there. You people are probably the same type of people who when they see that someone has gotten into a car accident where there are people who were hurt at the scene just continue to drive on while thinking that it is not your problem so why should you bother to help anyone out. Now that you have made a deal with comcast and other cable companies where you have agreed to start capping people's internet speeds starting next year that will also do away with one of the other advantages that existed with your service. Are you also going to do what comcast does which is suspend someone's internet service for six months if they use too much speed the first time then the second time it is suspended for a year where the third time you are going to ban someone from using you as an internet provider too while you charge them for every single time they use too much internet speed? As far as your guide is concerned it has become virtually impossible to set up anything to tape off of it because of how wrong it is. There are dozens of channels that do not match where no one but verizon can fix these issues. I have done enough with regards to this matter and the guide data that does match on people's guides is because of my efforts not verizon who are sitting on their hands not doing a thing. This is the type of issue that now merits legal action being taken against verizon where there is a failure to provide what is only common sense if you are a tv provider which includes an up to date guide. The board of public utilities, the fcc, the ftc, the bbb and a class action lawsuit is now being discussed amongst a lot of customers for failure to provide services that people are paying for. Verizon's contempt for their customers will have financial consequences once the board of public utilities starts to levy fines against them that will result in millions of dollars they will have to pay because of their employee's apathy when it comes to customer's issues with the service. You have a guide data group who can contact your guide provider like i have been doing where this can all be resolved but they are not doing their jobs. They are in virginia and are a part of a video team known as FNOC/VNOC who can correct it.

Specialist - Level 1

Verizon is providing cable TV channels so of course they are like a cable company because Verizon IS a cable company.  If you don't like Verizon you can switch.    Verizon's guide has been sub-stanard from day one... over a decade ago.  It's very unlikely the guide info provider will change despite complains for over a decade.  With that said Verizon FIOS interest is just amzing and with bundling can be a better overall experence then the Cablevison , my only other option (DirectTV/DISH has reception issues).

This forum is for Verizon users to help other Verizons users.  You should call Verizon and ask to be forwarded to retention.