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Failing to add soccer channels via Verizon's website

So I am incredibly tired of only being able to watch the one EPL game that is aired on NBCSN at a time. I figured this weekend I would finally add BeIn Sports, Fox Soccer Plus, and EPL Extra Time so that I would be able to watch "El Clasico" on Sunday and also so that I could follow Tottenham more regularly than I have been able to. I went to with every hope of being able to add these channels in a matter of minutes. Imagine my surprise when the website redirected me from the upgrade page, to the general information page, time after time. Eventually I gave up hope and tried calling to see if customer service would be able to help me accomplish my goal. Not only could they not help but I honestly don't even think they understood what I wanted since the representative barely spoke english...

The cherry on top of it all occurred while I was browsing these forums, hoping to find some help, when I read that Verizon Fios doesn't even offer EPL Extra Time (a free channel offered by NBC that just about every other major provider offers). 

So not only have I not been able to add the channels that I wanted to purchase from a "for profit" company but I now know that I will not be able to follow my favorite EPL team, with my son, simply because Verizon has decided to not offer a free service..

How is this possible? How is Verizon's website functioning so poorly that it can't give a paying customer the ability to purchase additional programing? How is it that Verizon, one of the largest utility providers in the country, does not offer a free channel service to it's "valued" customers? 

Not only am I locked into a contract for the forseeable future with this company but I also missed El Clasico... Verizon's lack of quality literally deprived me of the ability to watch Messi prove to the world that he is a better player than Ronaldo! This is more upsetting than the fact that my son and I will only be able to watch Tottenham games when they are aired on NBCSN until our contract runs its course and we are able to switch to DirecTV. 

In the mean time if anybody has any solutions, to any of my problems, I am absolutely open to any, and all, suggestions!

Re: Failing to add soccer channels via Verizon's website

The secret is streaming!

for EPL:

you can watch everygame live (even Tottenham) it´s free for verizon customers.

and for the next classico I can recommend

it´s about $6/month you get bein sports HD (english and spanish) also GolTV HD (bundesliga) and some other channels.
you can cancel every month.

Re: Failing to add soccer channels via Verizon's website
I found a unique solution to my problem that I'm hoping will also help others solve their "lack of soccer programming" issues.

Verizon does not offer a channel for NBC Sports Live Extra. But it does offer NBCSN which is all you need to access NBC Sports Live Extra online. So if you have access to NBCSN you can login to the NBC Sports Live Extra website, with your Verizon login info, and stream all of the EPL games as well as some others.

Of course, the problem with streaming is that instead of watching on your 55" flatscreen you are relegated to a 10" laptop screen. My solution to this is simple... Chromecast! It's available via Amazon for $35 and it allows you to "cast" whatever you're playing on your laptop to your TV screen.

So if I want to watch the Tottenham game on my tv but it's not being shown on NBCSN all I have to do is... Grab my laptop, login to NBC Sports Live Extra (with my Verizon login), begin streaming the game, and then I click the "cast" button (This is installed onto your Google chrome when you DL the Chromecast plugin), & now I'm watching the Tottenham game on my tv.