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Fios Location
This is more for the other users than the mods...  Can anyone tell me where in Mantua Twp NJ is FIOS available?  It was rolled out to "parts" in 2008 according to verizon and some of the surrounding towns are wired as well.  I'm so sick of comcast nickel and dimeing me to death. They're billing department [edit] and they're help desk is often less than helpful.  I would rather spend my money on a better product like FIOS.  I live in a condo complex so satellite is out since I neither own the buidling or grounds to put a dish on. I NEED to know if and when it's coming or at least where it is so I can pack up and move (I'm that fed up).  Why doesn't verizon speed this up? I know for a fact that there are plenty or people like me out there willing to throw money their way to dump comcast.  I've been waiting 3 years.  How much longer do I have to wait?
Message Edited by ElizabethS on 08-24-2009 02:25 PM
Re: Fios Location

Since you indicate you are in a condo complex, there probably has to be some negotiations and agreements reached between the condo association and Verizon to permit the installation (since as you say, you don't own the building or grounds).

Actually, you can't be prevented from having a Sat dish installed (per FCC rulings), not saying that the association couldn't make like miserable).