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Fios TV

Let me begin b y stating that the service quality is amazing.  The picture quality is stellar.  That being said we need to help drag you into the 21st century and ensure that all stated capabilities are not glossed over and simply stated.  You need to bring a greater level of detail to all stated services and service capabilities.

1. All of the DVR's need (at a minimum) a 500GB hard drive and not the 160GB drive that are currently supplied.  We all need more room...with all of the choices we all require more storage space.  That being said...

2. You need to immediately enable all data ports on all of the STB's.  Enable the Sata port, The 1394 firewire port, and the USB ports now.  Dishnetwork and Direct TV both offer the capability to connect an external HDD the USB port to archive more recorded media.  I was told , being a dishnetwork customer before the switch, that those ports were enabled by Verizon...after my install I find out that there is some confusion internally at that these ports are not currently enabled by Verizon.  I still have not received an approporiate response from Verizon concerning this issue after repeated emails.  There should be no reason why you can't enable the data ports to allow all of us, your CUSTOMERS the advantage of using all of the technology feature sets that are currently available on the current STB's.  This simple addition would let any STB become a DVR.

3. You advertise constantly that by using your service you can stop the DVR wars...see item 1...and you need to tell everyone that you do not currently have the capability to "stream" more than one HD signal off the DVR internally through the in house system.  This needs to be addressed a customer I do not record anything in SD and only "DVR" programs in HD so although I do have the capability to watch 1 HD program "anywhere" in the house (at another STB location inside the house) I DO NOT have the capability to watch more than 1 HD program simultaneously within the home system (don't care about the SD).  I wonder if this is not an oversite on your part?  I doubt it.  I am certain that you realize that this feature set has this limitation.  Resolution...don't half advertise specific and state a disclaimer if necessary.

4. everything is HD now...system architecture should primarily be based on this technology and not SD at all.  SD has no become a legacy issue and not the "norm". 

I am sure that you will work on these issues in the weeks and months to come.  If you need to request that Motorola supply STB's that offer all of the capabilties I am certain that they will comply with your recommendations and suggestions and offer you the firmware update that will enable these features.  You are their client as I am your customer.

Please contact me via email at your earliest convenience to schedule a time to resolve all of these current issues.

Patiently waiting for a response...



Re: Fios TV

Hi jmlandy

This is a peer to peer support forum and not staffed by Verizon employees, although some do swing by occasionally to help out with questions.

If you have a specific issue that another user might be able to help you with, feel free to detail it here. However, if you need service from Verizon, please use the Contact Us feature on the main page.