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Free Fios Movies On Demand

Yesterday i mentioned that there are issues that exist with fios on demand where movies that are available for purchase are also available to rent too but if you were to go to the on demand section you would not find  them. You would instead have to type in the name of the movie in the search menu to find the rental instead. The movie that i mentioned in the idea exchange that i used as an example was a movie called battleship and now it has mysteriously disappeared from the search menu as something that you can rent. The reason for that having happened has to do with the fact that verizon is not licensed to rent that movie in my area or in some other areas throughout the country so if someone were to have rented it the movie will not show up on your bill as a rented movie that you have to pay for because technically they were not supposed to have made it available to rent in my area and elsewhere. There are some states that it can be rented in but not mine. Now as i mentioned in that previous post there are plenty of examples of this kind of issue that is not only related to the flex view movies but to older movies too. So if you happen to stumble upon one of those movies (and there are a lot of them) verizon can not charge you for it since it should not have been available to have been rented in the first place. Another thing about that battleship movie i mentioned being offered on fios on demand is that it is still there to be rented if you were to type in king kong in the search menu as the movie battleship is being offered in a double feature offer with the 2005 king kong. Now that i just mentioned it on here it too will probably mysteriously disappear. As i already said there are a lot of these types of movies that can be had for free if you can find them on demand. Other issues exist with on demand where there are movie trailers that do not have an audio to them when you play them. The on demand movie trailer will play but when the actors speak you hear nothing. Now while i can not remember all of the movies that have this issue one of them is the departed with matt damon where if you go into the search menu and type in the departed and try to play the movie trailer you will not hear the actor's voices. It exists with both the hd and sd versions of it. The last thing i will mention on here that is not on demand related is that there is still no logo for mundofox so people do not know it is there and for channel 477 in my area the logo you have is for soy latino tv when it really is a channel called tvc + latino.