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HD picture issues

I am having issues with the picture pixilating  to the point where you cannot watch the TV.  I called Verizon and after an hour they agreed to send someone out.  Of course when the person was here the TV was fine so he gave us a new box two weeks later it did it again.  After almost an hour and half and five transfers I finally got someone at Verizon to agree to send someone out of course the TV started working again so we canceled the appointment because my husband thought it was a coax issue and he had fixed it by tightening the cord.  Then the other day it started again and playing with the wire and outlets did not fix the issue..  I don’t want to call Verizon again as their tech support people are a pain and it takes over an hour with every call.  They make you work with a computer and no one just listens to the fact that this is an ongoing issue and not something they can fix over the phone.  My husband and I both seem to think this only happens when the weather is bad so we are not sure what it could be.  Our other non-HD box always works great and the TV works fine with the WII and DVD player.  Anyone else having this issue?

Re: HD picture issues

well the problem is likely the coax cable that goes from that cable box to the splitter in your home or to the wall outlet. 

so I can go into the why's about it, but if it's not too much trouble to replace that cable altogether, I would do that.  you've already re-tightened it, and that didn't work so your next step is to replace it altogether.    it may even be a problem at the splitter, which are inexpensive and easy to replace.   you can do that work yourself, and its little to no hassle. or you can pressure verizon to send another tech and go through the fiasco again..

Re: HD picture issues

Also try checking the following:

  1. Are all your connectors the compression type?  Old style crimp (hex shaped at the cable entrance to the connector) are a potential problem.
  2. Make sure there are no "whiskers" of braid on the connector side that might hit the wire in the center.
  3. Double check the tightness of the connections at the splitter(s) and wall outlet(s) 9(remove the plate and check the feed side).  If marginally tight they can change with temperature and humidity (but don't over tighten).
  4. Are ther any electronic devices (like power warts) that are near the STB and could be causing sporadic RF interference?

Hope some of these suggestions help.