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How do you actually speak to someone from Verizon about the channel lineup???

I asked online chat how to contact Verizon to request the return of the Weather Channel and to upgrade Turner Classics to HD and they sent me here.  Since I am sure no one will answer me or respect my request so I am very sad that I have Verizon now.

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AND there is no emogi for poop.

Re: How do you actually speak to someone from Verizon about the channel lineup???
Enthusiast - Level 2

Good luck with finding a live person. If you do they will be in Bopal India.

Ever since I got my new router from Verizon I have been trying to get my Roku connected. Well it's toast now. The PW on the router doesn't work the "live chat" said to contact the router manufacturer(good luck wit that) . I have a feeling it's another one of Verizons gimmicks like their DVR---you use theirs or nothing else works.

When my contract is up(soon) I fully intend to get rid of Verizon. I installed an outside antenna in my woodshop and get 60 yes SIXTY channels clear as a bell.

Re: How do you actually speak to someone from Verizon about the channel lineup???
Specialist - Level 1

Most american companies have customer service in india so it is not really a surprise that when you do a live chat someone in india is who you are going to get. They make a fraction of what american workers make and the reality is that most american workers will either be replaced by a computer or someone who lives in india. If you want to try to get their attention about channel requests then you can try their facebook page but it may not do much to get the channel that you want but you can try it. The only proven method that can lead to a channel getting added is to basically take over this website and make a ton of requests for it while also emailing people that you know to try to start a campaign to add it. This approach has worked in the past where if every comment is about adding a certain channel then it could happen but there is no guarantee. They used to have a share your ideas section on here where you could submit a request while people could vote on it but  they did away with it so the message was sent loud and clear that they are going to do what they want whenever they want whether the customers agree with it or not which has lead to a lot of people abandoning their website. To have done away with the share your ideas section on a website that encourages customer feedback only creates more distance between customers and the company that is not only trying to retain those customers but also trying to add more of them.