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How exactly does the FIOS DVR box communicate with my TV if no coax cable is connected?

I just got a new PC and wanted to start watching/recording TV on it .  I currently use a KWORLD TVbox 1400.  I can't seem to get that external box to recognize my PC (through Media Center that is) which I assume is becaue it doesn't directly connect to the pc, I have to have it run through the STB for FIOS then the KWORLD box.  I can watch TV right now but can't record live tv as the ads say in Media Center.

Do I have another alternative before I make the investment in a new TV tuner? 

I also noticed there is an out port on the back of my FIOS DVR why couldn't I use that to run directly to my PC and avoid the STB? The other coax port runs from my Wal to the DVR box so it by passes my TV, how does it do that?

Just trying to eliminate as much extra peripherals as possible. (Hence the reason for my subject heading above)  Just wondering if it can comminucate with a TV how can I get it to communicate with a PC.

I'm new to these forums and am trying to self educate so I appreciate everyone's patience.  MY PC is running XP by the way.

Re: How exactly does the FIOS DVR box communicate with my TV if no coax cable is connected?

I'm not sure I fully understand your questions but I can tell you the communication pathway.

The basic architecture is as follows. The signal comes from Verizon to your house on fiber optic cable. The ONT (optical network terminal) on the house converts the signal to Coax cable. This is a digital signal that for the most part is encrypted. The coax then goes to the STB. The STB takes and decodes that signal then sends the decoded video signal to the tv (or other devices) via the coax, composite (red, white, yellow), component (red, green, blue), or HDMI cables. This connection is determined by the type of device being connected.

now the only type of device that can decode part of the signal, prior to the STB, is a device with a QAM digital tuner, Your PC may or may not have this. same with your KWORLD box (not sure what this is so I cant say for sure). If they DO have a QAM tuner, then you will be able to get the local channels only. (channels under 49 on your cable box) All other channels are encrypted and require a cable box/cable card.

From what I understand, and others here will correct me if I'm wrong (happens all the time lol). The Media Center works great with unencrypted analog signals but will not be able to handle the encrypted signals, and needs help for the non encrypted digital signals. I know some get it to partially work but without a CC/STB you will never get everything.

Re: How exactly does the FIOS DVR box communicate with my TV if no coax cable is connected?

My understanding is that if you want to view all channels on the pc, you need a tuner card that accepts cablecards. Then you have to get a CC from Verizon.