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If you are considering FIOS... run away! This is the worst!!!

I called customer service (25 minute wait to get a person) to confirm that I understood the FIOS tv services before signing up.  Specifically, I wanted to know if I would be able to stream content through my computer.  After being reassured that all content would be available onlineI could, I had FIOS installed.  

I have been trying to stream movies since then, but nothing will play without an additional charge - including movies that are available for no charge on the app.  I searched online for information about how to find free content, but was unsuccessful, so I tried calling customer support.  An hour and a half later, the customer support representative admitted that that the informtion on the website and that I had been given by the prior customer serice rep was misleading - she said misleading, I said an outright lie.  She tried to tell me there were several ways to do it before admitting that there weren't any instructions anywhere for doing the things I was supposed to be able to do.  Then she tried to transfer me to technical support - which is the department I had just been transferred from because they couln't answer my question. 

I am going to look for other internet and cable options and will be cancelling this service as soon as possible. 

I switched from Comcast because I didn't think that any company could be worse.  Wow was I wrong.  

Maybe you don't care about streaming online, but eventually, you will have . aproblem and no one will be able to help you.  You will waste hours of your life before giving up.  Just don't do it.

Re: If you are considering FIOS... run away! This is the worst!!!

Sorry for your issue. When my wife and I had cable tv they had a very good app which could stream tv with your proper account login and account password. At first the technology was only while in your home, then it branched out to tv anywhere with some content not watchable. 

we don't have fios tv. We use a streaming service which we can view anywhere. Plus it saves a ton of money. Possibly if you use the fios app your tv issues will be gone. 

its a puzzler why in today's services that things just don't work as they should.

Re: If you are considering FIOS... run away! This is the worst!!!
Super User
Super User

You can use your computer to stream content for a large number of the content providers websites using your FiOS login.

Unfortunately, there is not an on demand option.

But you typically can use any number of other services that charge similar pricing to Verizon.

I'm not sure how many cable providers allow you to stream all of their content via a PC.

Most only support mobile devices has been my experience,.