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Korean VIOS TV Channel Line-up

Dear Verizon,

I have been subscribing to Verizon FIOS and the Verizon FIOS TV Korean Package for more than 2 years. Previously I was a Bright House customer and only switched due to the availability of the Korean Channel. Originally we only got one Korean Channel (MBC) for $12.99 per month. Back in the summer 2009 I changed my plan to the bundled FIOS Triple Freedom Package and my Korean channels increased to four and the cost doubled to $24.99 per month. I switched to the bundled package because I was promised it would save me money overall. It hasn't. The new channels included MBC, CBS (Christian Channel), A Korean Business News Channel and Sky Baduk (Korean Checkers). The additional channels were a waste of money. My wife was upset, but here was no way apparently to just getting MBC for the original $12.99 per month. Then in August 2009 we received notification in the mail that the line-up would change. CBS would be replaced by YTN 24 hour news and the Sky Baduk would be replaced with SBS and an additional channel would also be added. This notification even showed up in the messages on my set top box. It was supposed to take effect in November 2009. It is now December 26th and now all I have are two channels, the original MBC and YTN. I feel that we are being gouged. (edit) What is the status Verizon? I called Billing Support and they told me to call back during the week to speak with a supervisor. The only reason we switched to Verizon was for the Korean Channels. If the new channels are not coming I want to go back to just getting MBC and paying @12.99 per month. I am currently under contract until June 2010. If this issue is not resolved I will most assuredly switch providers.

Thank you!

A somewhat disgruntled and thinking of switching customer

Re: Korean VIOS TV Channel Line-up

Dear Verizon,

I, too, am quite dissatisfied as the above customer. The new channels promised to us by Nov 9, are still non existent and the other useless channels (Sky Baduk, CBS) have been taken away. Despite the lack of channels and false promises, I am still being charged $24.99/month. Satellite TV and Time Warner Cable offers better international coverage for less of a cost.

Our voices need to be heard and Verizon needs to bring SBS as promised as soon as possible, and give us a refund/credit for the money we have been paying for just MBC and YTN for the past month and a half.

For a company as large as Verizon, this is a huge disappointment. I am getting quite frustrated with the lack of service. I currently have FiOS for phone, tv and internet and also am using verizon wireless. Many of my family and friends are the same. We are all upset with this delay in bringing SBS as promised.

Please let us know WHEN we will be getting the SBS channel. This wait with no official statement from Verizon only leads me to believe that VZ does not care about international customers.

Re: Korean VIOS TV Channel Line-up

I hope you all realize that the Verizon Forums are primarily a user-to-user exchange of information and help, not a user to Verizon complaint vehicle. Of course there are some Verizon people who do post here and view at least some of the posts, but if you really want to get your issues addressed, I suggest you:

1) Call and complain. The FiOS tech support people aren't going to be able to help, but the ordering and/or billing folks need to be made aware of your issues. I think the more calls they get on a particular topic the more likely it is that something will be done.

2) Go to the Verizon at Home blog and post your concerns. Here is a link to a topic started by Eric Rabe about international channels, there are already some posts there about Korean channels: Link. One post is about SBS and Eric replied early 2010.

3) If you don't get satisfaction you can always call or write the CEO of Verizon. I did that once, got immediate attention to my issue.

Hope this helps.

Verizon FiOS TV, Internet, and phone
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