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Local HD channels on HD receivers to default......

I recently switched to FiosTV from Directv. I have a suggestion, The local channels have two ranges in the channel line up. I live in the Los Angels market and for CBS is channel 2, NBC 4, ABC 7......Etc But if you go to channel 2(CBS) using your  remote, you get the standard definition CBS broadcast. This is fine for a Standard Definition box. But on High Definition Boxes you have to go to channel 502(CBS) to receive the HD broadcast. WHY? Why can't you have a setting on your HD box to default this to channel 2 but in HD not SD?

Re: Local HD channels on HD receivers to default......

I can't believe I am the only one that would like some simplicity with the channel line up. Why would all of you want to have so many channels for the same Network? Why have CBS on channel 2 and 502, NBC on 4 & 504

CBS 2 & 502

NBC 4 & 504

ABC 7 & 507

FOX 11 & 511


Discovery  120, 620 & 1563

Come on three different channels for the same Network? Very confusing.

Why not have it like this

CBS 2, 2.1 where 2.1 is HD 

NBC 4, 4.1HD

ABC 7, 7.1HD

FOX 11,11.1HD

Discovery  120, 120.1HD  , 120.2esp

and so on for every network that has multiple channels. Only in your guide set up you select your channel as your favorite. So when you are on your HD receiver, and press channel 2 your receiver is programmed to automatically tune the CBS HD channel. The same for your Standard Def receivers. 

It is really confusing trying to find all the Networks when it can be simplified. 

Re: Local HD channels on HD receivers to default......
Specialist - Level 1

Because some people like to watch only HD programming. If all of the HD channels are together, it makes it easier to do that.

But what you're suggesting can certainly solve that. The problem is, DirecTV's been doing this a lot longer than Verizon and Verizon's STBs/IMG software aren't that technologically advanced yet and/or it's something their developers haven't gotten to yet. Hell, they're still working on a 16:9 HD guide, which should be coming out this year, trailing Moxi by at least a few years.

Bottom line is, Verizon is caught up right now in developing "widgets" and mobile apps. They think that's the future of TV, but none of that matters if they can't get their back-end product squared away.

Re: Local HD channels on HD receivers to default......

thanks for you reply. It's just so confusing trying to just find anything. Also when you do a search, the search should include everything.....

i.e. from:

the guide



Premiums, HBO, Show, Epix etc