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Re: Loss of Local HD Channel - S. California

@PjD805 wrote:


re: Battery; would you replace an expensive battery that you don't need - probably not? As mentioned if the power goes out I won't be using the service, [tv or internet] - replacement is pointless.

"why should they replace it?" Because it's attached to their equipment which I don't own. I own all the other things you mentioned.

re: service; What I'm paying for is to have a TV signal sent to home. If for some reason the signal [or channels] are not working or incomplete then they should either correct the issue or reduce my bill. Regardless of what the TOS says, customer satisfaction should be their number 1 goal and obviously it's not.

What I find interesting is why you & PJL are defending VZ - it's almost as if you work for them[?]. Why else would you discourage me from filing a complaint and rattle off the TOS..??

I don't work for Verizon either and am not defending them, but filing a complaint when their TOS tells you point blank what the deal is and that you agreed to when you signed up is doing nothing but wasting your time. It will go nowhere. They will say, "If you didn't like the tos why did you agree to it?" When I got service I knew exactly what the deal was. If I didn't like it I never would have signed up. If you can prove they are doing something to your signal on purpose then you might have something, otherwise you won't.

Also, just because the battery is attacthed to their equipment doesn't mean anything. That has to be one of the funniest things I've read in awhile. That battery is your property, not theirs. You don't need the battery. Remove it.

I dont need it and I have phone service. I removed it when it died. I don't understand why people can't grasp just because it's in the ont or isn't being used doesn't mean you have to have one in it at all.

Do you have a cell phone? Call up the manufacturer when the battery dies and tell them they need to give you a free battery because its attached to their phone and see what they say. 

Just like PJL (who is 100% correct with what he said about qam) said I won't be back either. Good luck with your complaint.

Re: Loss of Local HD Channel - S. California


I don't understand why you're concerned about me filing a complaint - don't worry about it dude. From a legal standpoint there are always exceptions to TOS, [depending on the situation].

I agree if I don't have proof most likely nothing will come of it. However having the complaint on file may benefit others with the same issue in the future. If the FCC sees a pattern they may take action. I would need insider information to find if in fact they are messing with the carrier frequencies. 

One more time, the point of this post was to connect with others that have had the same issue not to be critiqued on my method of resolve.