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MLB Etra Innings
My name is {edited for privacy}, ive started this search for a solution. Our home number is {edited for privacy}. This will be a letter I will just keep sending until someone makes this an issue that will finally be resolved. For years and years I've been an MLB Extra Innings subscriber, and this has been with Cablevision, and Direct Tv. I finally found a home with Fios and I hope to stay here, but I will make my calls to those other companies now that I have found out you are in controls of these channels.
  So THE ISSUE!! Being a West Coaster, my baseball team is the San Francisco Giants. The only way to watch them is with Extra, Problem being is they usually play 10pm East Coast time and are always put behind another game that started at 7pm. Almost 95% of the time my game is either joined in progress or moved to another channel. When they join in progress it could be the 1st or 4th inning or more. In my situation I work EMS and my shift is normally 12pm-12am, so I DVR the games. I normally DVR them no matter what, in the case we may go out or just watching another program. Now it's fine if I happen to be watching that channel and they move the game to another channel because they scroll that info on the bottom of the page. BUT, what if that person isn't home, they will never know it's been moved.
 Prime example was last week the Giants were playing after Pittsburg Pirates who's game went into rain delay. I got home after midnight, sat down to relax and turn the game on and it says rain delay. So I fast forward, and it comes back to the Pittsburg broadcast in the 3rd inning and says the giants game has been moved to channel 8. By the time this happens, the game is in the 8th inning. Next night they have my Giants game behind the Boston game and that one goes longer and my game is joined in the 3rd inning and it 6-0. This happened 6out of 7 days and is how it has been from day one. I took notice when recording the game on last Friday that was before Boston and there was no game whatsoever on channel 8. Why not put the west coast game there? This package cost me $200 every year. it's a lot of money to always have lost games or half games. I have been calling for years trying to work on this with no reply.
 Finally after that Pittsburg game I decided to dig deep. I called Fios and they told me they have no control of these channels, its run by MLB. I was sitting in the ambulance the next day at work and spoke to a MLB.COM supervisor for almost an hour, and he told me they have no control over those channels. We spoke about having some kind of alert sent to cell phones telling the client the game has been moved. Yesterday, August 23rd, I spoke to Fios again and asked for a supervisor. The person I spoke to did not let that happen, and would put me on  hold to speak to his supervisor. He came back and agreed that it is Verizon Fios who is the one who would move the channels. I said it's not right for them to not advise people with an alert of the move. I many times forget to DVR the game, and sit in my ambulance and use the app to schedule my recording. It should be possible with todays technology for myself to state my favorite team and be sent an alert that that game has been moved. Or for whoever is in control of setting those channels up, to schedule the West Coast Games on another channel. Often my games are set behind a New York game and those channels are blackout anyway for me until my game.
 This person on Fios told me there is nothing that they can do, and I need to write an email here to attempt to work on this issue. I said, over the years I have written here with no response. This, as I said has been going on for years and years. There has to be a solution. Anyone that has this package and is a west coast fan living here has the same issues. Obviously the first thing I can say is, we should have some discount for pricing or be reimbursed for these lost games, but I'm more intrigued on working on a solution. Something as little as a cell phone alert from someone who chooses their favorite team. Why can't FIOS and MLB work together on this. 
As I said, if Fios is changing there channels for these games, then the other cable companies may have a solution. I really don't want to change, I want to find a solution. Can someone that is in control of this department contact me? Please?
 {edited for privacy}
Thank You

Re: MLB Etra Innings
Super User
Super User

As Verizon said, they don't control the content of the channels.

No different than ESPN moving a game to one of their other channels if something delays it.