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MLB Extra Innings = NHL Center Ice

I'm sure this questions has been asked before, but I could not find it doing a search.  Do you receive NHL Center Ice games for free during baseball season when you subscribe to MLB Extra Innings?

We are watching the free preview and it seems that the standard definition channels (SD) are better than last year - less pixalation and freezes.   The strange thing about Extra Innings is that there are 3 games on right now on the SD channels and no games on the HD channels.  All games are telecast in HD.  You would think there would always be a game on in HD if available.

Do you contact InDemand or Verizon to subscribe to Extra Innings.  We have had so many billing problems with Verizon that I'm afraid to make any changes to our service.  It took 5 months to get our billing correct and it has been OK now for the past 4 months.



Sarasota, FL

Re: MLB Extra Innings = NHL Center Ice

DCJ the MLB Extra Innings and NHL Center Ice are setup like standard Pay Per View events. For example if you called and ordered a Boxing match the Set Top Box is authorized to show the broadcast stream for the time frame and channel the boxing match is being shown. The idea is similar with MLB Extra Innings and NHL Center Ice except the authorization periods automatically activate for each game over the season without you having to order it ever time for every game. So to directly answer your question, you will not see NHL Center Ice games for free during baseball season even though they show the games on the same channels because it's only authorizing you to see the games shown at certain time intervals.

As far as ordering. It is my Understanding you can order through iN Demand or Verizon.

iN Demand - 888-SPORTS-IN



Re: MLB Extra Innings = NHL Center Ice

lee your wrong...this is my first year as a mlb extra innings subscriber but I can view both. You pay for access to the channel and if Hockey is on it then you get hockey if mlb is on it you get mlb.