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Many Network shows on VOD not available anymore.
Enthusiast - Level 1

Many of the network shows that used to be on demand are no longer available. Most shows used to show up on demand the very next day, now, it's like a week before they show up, if at all. On top of that, there are only one or two episodes listed now, where there used to be 5 or more. I watch most TV through DVR and on Demand. I am very willing to wait a day to see a show from the night before. The question is, where do I watch these shows at. Unfortunately I pay around $200 per month for fios, but the shows I want to watch are not available there. Instead I have to sit at my computer watching everything on Hulu for free.

It really stinks to have invested so much into a great HD entertainment system and not be able to enjoy it, because the shows I watch are not available. Hulu Plus is only $8 per month, it isn't the high quality audio/video experience I would have liked, but if that's the only way to see my shows, then I'm sure I can find something to do with all the left over money.

Even after writing an article on dumping cable for online streaming services, I justified my loyalty with premium channels and a better audio/visual experience. But without the content, I don't think I can justify this relationship anymore.

I figure with a onetime cost of $150 to fit a couple more TV's with streaming boxes, I could get better service paying only $55-$60 per month for Hulu, Netflix and an internet connection.

Am I missing anything?

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Re: Many Network shows on VOD not available anymore.
Enthusiast - Level 2

verizon wants existing customers to pay for dvr when they give it free to new customers for life, if they withhold on demand content its their way of boosting dvr sales you either wait if they do come...or go download the episode online, this is what a verizon fios customer must do to see the content they want...fios wont provide certain shows in HD (top gear) so iam forced to download them in high quality i just cannot stand sd let alone not getting a show when you're in the middle of a series

Re: Many Network shows on VOD not available anymore.
Enthusiast - Level 1

I agree with everything you said.  Why am I paying so much for TV service when I end up watching most of my shows on my computer.  I feel like I end up paying twice, once for the tv and once for the internet that I actually watch TV on.  Verizon saying "It gets the shows from the network, so the network determines how soon a show gets posted" is a load of malarkey!  If that were true then why would the same episode be available on FLEXview?  And, of course, only if I pay 2.99 (HD price) for it.  I am seriously considering switching because Verizon just seems so rediculous and unprofessional.