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Modem Connection Problem

I'm trying to connect a new TV to my 6100 modem. The ethernet light does not illuminate when the cable is plugged in. I believe the LAN is set up properly. Any suggestions?

Re: Modem Connection Problem

Simple tests to start with.

1. make sure that the ethernet is connected to a lan port, not the wan. ( I know simple, but sometimes the simple things are what get us the most)

2. Take the ethernet cable and perform a loop test. Plug both ends of the ethernet into two lan ports.  IE one end into port 1 and the other into Port 2.  Do both lan lights light up? 

  •   Yes, then the cable and the router ports are probably OK. Take a look at the TV connection. 
  •   No, then the cable or one of the router ports are likely bad

3.  If the answer was yes in the previous question. Then connect a computer (laptop) if possible using that cable and router port. Can it get to the internet? 

  • Yes, then definatly a problem with the tv connection. either bad jack or improper set up on the TV settings. Look at the owners manual or call the manufacturer of the TV
  • No, Troubleshoot the router with computer until you get online, then connect back to the TV.
Re: Modem Connection Problem

6100 modem?   does that have a DSL light indicator on it?   I Don't believe you can use that with the FiOS and the ethernet port on the back of the cable box is deactivated.   soooo.....