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My STBs don't have internet access

My STBs get good TV reception, but no IP access.  I believe this is because they are now running through a PCT brand amplifier, because the one STB that doesn't run through that amplifier gets good IP access.  Unfortunately because of long cable runs, I need the amplifier to avoid sever pixelization.  Any ideas for getting the IP to run through the amplifier?


Re: My STBs don't have internet access

Unless the amp[lifier is specifically rated as MoCA compliant, ther is not a snowball's chance in Hades of it working.

Now what will work is IF (and I emphasize IF) your router is connected to the ONT with Ethernet (CAT-5/6 cable) then you can place the amplifier in front of the splitter at the ONT and all should work.  That also assumes that the output of the ONT is not too string for the input of the amplifier.

In most cases, amplifiers are not needed.  How many splits, how long is the cable that needs amplification and what type of cable (RG-59, RG-6, etc.)?

Re: My STBs don't have internet access

Instead of the amplifier, have you investigated the newish amplified HDMI cables? They are made by several manufacturers, and allegedly are ideal for longer runs. They are thinner than standard HDMI cables due to the amplification, so easier to run around a room. Since they are fully HDMI compliant, you could conceivably eliminate the PCT. Just a thought.