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NHL Center Ice (Mercer County, NJ)

I've read everything I can find regarding NHL Center Ice on FiOS and have tried to order this a few times over the past few weeks, but nobody at Verizon can seem to give me a straight answer, so I am reaching out to anyone else out there to see if anyone else is having similar problems.

I called Verizon a few weeks ago to order NHL Center Ice, and they said the order would show on my bill in 3 separate payments starting in February.   I'd been enjoying the games during the free preview since then, assured that once the free preview ended, I'd continue getting all the NHL games.  February 1st rolled around, and I didn't have Center Ice as promised by the Verizon rep that I spoke to (note:  I called and chatted with at least 5 reps before someone told me that the order went through).  

The channels are all telling me that I need to order Center Ice by calling 1-800-Verizon.  

Fine - I did that today (again - 5th time), and the rep that I spoke to told me that Verizon isn't offering Center Ice AT ALL - and then offered me a discount on my bill for the 3 hours that I wasted trying to get a straight answer on this. 

Then, in all of my reading of forums and such, I see that some people ARE getting Center Ice - so now I'm confused again 🙂  

I know that, a few years ago, Center Ice wasn't available on FiOS in Mercer County NJ, but Verizon assured me that this had changed, and so I switched back from Cablevision to FiOS.  Was I lied to by Verizon about this?  Is anyone in Mercer County getting Center Ice?

Re: NHL Center Ice (Mercer County, NJ)

I am having exact same problem. Had the same problem last year as well. I find it annoying that the first 2 weeks of NHL center ice were free and worked just fine. Suddenly in Mercer County it no longer works when you want to order it. I am thinking about just getting Game Center Live instead.

Re: NHL Center Ice (Mercer County, NJ)


NHL Ice is not available in Mercer county due to blackout restrictions per the NHL. Our apologies