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New Channels Added Are Wrong
Specialist - Level 1

You guys just added a bunch of channels to the spanish package last night and two of those channels which are completely different channels from the same country are showing the same exact feed even though they have different lineups. Both channels are from mexico where they have the same exact programming running right now. Those channels are 1567 once tv and channel 1646 canal 22 where what is on channel 1567 has the right feed along with the right lineup but channel 1646 is wrong where it has the same feed as channel 1567 with a different programming lineup. Another problem that currently exists is with channel 363 encore espanol where everything on there from the title to the description should be in spanish as it is encore's all spanish version of there movie package but the problem is that the audio for that channel is all in english. Some more issues that exist is that there are no logos for channels 190, 477, 480, 1506, 1507, 1644 along with the fact that cnn espanol channel 1540 is almost all wrong where there are not many things on there that actually match and the shows are either off by an hour or have completely different titles than what is actually playing. You added about a dozen channels last night to the guide for the spanish programming package only but half of them are all from mexico. You also just added another channel from the dominican republic channel 1513 (telemicro) and another one from ecuador channel 1512 (ecuavisa) when you already had channels from those countries on channel 1506 the dominican channel and 1706 telezamazonas. There must be over three dozen channels from mexico where it really is not necessary to continue to add the same type of programs to the lineup when they are all pretty much the same. If you were to add channels from countries that do not have their own channel then you could be adding a lot more customers. Let me suggest to you certain channels like canal sur peru, peru magico, or tv venezuela to name a few. There should not be any more channels additions from mexico where at least 60% of the spanish package is all from one country. Try to diversify by adding more content from different countries. Something else that you guys should look into is that your competition like cablevision is now offering their customers free calling to many countries in south and central america if you have them for your triple play along with their spanish language package so i think you guys should be aware of this because if you do not add more of a variety to your spanish package plus you do not offer free calling to countries in latin america other than puerto rico then you will be losing a lot of customers who either have you for their provider or want you for their provider but will no longer consider you because the competition is making them offers that they simply can not refuse.

Re: New Channels Added Are Wrong
Contributor - Level 2

That's a lot of words.  All jumbled up together, with such a small font.

Only way to read it, is if you made the type LARGER.  And even separate thoughts into paragraphs.

Maybe not where a paragraph would normally begin, if you were writing an essay.  But on a message board, it does not have to be proper.


Like when you are texting.  You use words like 'U' for you.  Or 'R' for are.  It's shorter ... easier on the eyes.  And gets the point across.

Get It?  It's simple!

I have no idea what the first post is in this thead really says.  I can't risk the eyestrain.

Re: New Channels Added Are Wrong

I have to agree with Charlie, I just never bother to even try to read unformatted posts like that. But I don't particularly like posts all in a large font either, too few words per line and too much scrolling to see the entire post.

I sometimes get too wordy when I am trying to explain something in detail, but I think it helps a lot to have reasonably short paragraphs, numbered or bulleted points, bolded words or sentences when appropriate, etc.

One area of disagreement with Charlie though - I am not into texting, I absolutely hate the use of "U" or "R" (and others) instead of the real words.... Smiley Very Happy

FiOS TV, Internet, and phone user
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Keller, TX 76248

Re: New Channels Added Are Wrong

I agree with the formatting comments. But also agree with the content of the post. See my new post.

I have asked for SurPeru since I signed up for FiOS TV.It was a DTV exclusive at one point, but now cable operators have it. Why not FiOS?

I had the Spanish language package for about a week, and called to cancel it. Unless you are from Mexico, it is not worth the money.

I I I I To many Is?Smiley Tongue

Oh I think they did throw in a channel from Chili a while back. That is close to Peru. Geographically that should be good enough, right?Smiley Mad