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New FIOS packages

I tried to take advantage of the offer that has been advertised as a way to only pay for the channels you want to watch. After telling the agent that DIY was a must, he had me go to the online sing up page and sign up for the new package without the sports and kids, After signing up, I noticed a $20 savings which made me happy. In a few minutes, I noticed that DIY did not work anymore and if I wanted the DIY it would be $25 more. Why would I accept a change of $5 more than what I was paying for the same channels? After wasting more time on the phone, I was told that DIY is only offered in the old Extreme HD package which is what I had originally.

I suggest you train your agents to ask if DIY or any other channel that is ONLY offered in one of the original packages is must.. If it is this new deal does not apply to you. This would save time for the customers and your agents.

Re: New FIOS packages
Super User
Super User

The contents of the individual packages is shown on line.

Before changing plans, you should always check to see what channels are carried in what plans espeically if some are important to you.

I wouldn't expect customer service to know what plans have every channel without looking it up.

Re: New FIOS packages

I agree with CRob. You should always research what channels you get with what instead of just going off of what someone tells you.

The custom hd packs with included channels are easily accessible online. Granted the agents could look this information up, you should still do it yourself.