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New Guide - Nice features but the Doesn't Cover Entire HD screen as Promised - Text too small

When will I be able to read my guide from across the room on my 50" Plazma TV? The colors don't contrast enough, and the fonts are too small. Obviously your software engineers were 20 - or 30- something with perfect eyesight.

It would be great to have a real HD channel guide that FILLS THE HD SCREEN, adjustable font sizes, and adjustable colors.

Otherwise, I kinda like the guide in that it has features like the old one didn't have - Like "Subscribed Channels" filters to keep from having to scroll through all those channels we don't have without any tedious Favorites setup required!

Also is there a way to turn off that banner at the bottom of the screen, everytime you change a channel, pause/unpause the DVR, or try to do a slow-motion. And it's gotten takker, which covera the 1/3 bottom of the screen! Please, lets get rid of that banner and just replace wit with a little box at the top right wich AT MOST has the channel number and small cannel logo.

However... In your press release, you said that the guide would cover the ENTIRE screen of a HD TV. - It doesn't. It only covers the normal SD area, just like the onld one. - unless I stretch the heck out of it, and then the regular TV programming liiks like, (well you know what it looks like)... I tried every combination of TV and Cable Box screen dimensions and resolutions.

The ONLY viable options to keep from loosing the aspect ratio of SD programming or causing clipping is to turn SD Override OFF on the cable box & one-room DVR, and also set the TV to "Full" format, not to stretch or zoom.

Otherwide I do like it, and I'm working to figure out what the floating focus and last viewed state on the channed guide... I thought I knew what they were for, bot alas, it doesn't save my last guide position, and the flexible focus doesn't mean I can take off my glasses. Darn!

Re: New Guide - Nice features but the Doesn't Cover Entire HD screen as Promised - Text too small

As far as the guide not being HD.  Are you using a 6xxx receiver?  They cannot display the guide in HD.

Re: New Guide - Nice features but the Doesn't Cover Entire HD screen as Promised - Text too small

This is my problem as well, and the answer I suspected.

I have two DVRs one I upgraded and the other an older QIP6416-2.  

The newer one had an additional menu selection to choose the graphic resolution of the guide.  By selecting the higher setting (who can remember the exact prompts) I ended up with a beautiful full screen guide.

On the one my wife uses, QIP6416-2, this menu item is missing and her SD width guide is impossible to read!

Time to exchange.