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On Demand Updates

To whom it may concern:

I've had Verizon for over a year now and I'm tired of always getting new episodes on demand about a week or so later than a friend of mine, who has a very... bright cable company. My friend is always getting new episodes the day after they air on tv! For instance, I've been watching a show called "Shameless" on Showtime. I might be mistaken but I think they advertised that their show will be on demand the day it's played on tv (which is on Mondays), but it's now Friday and Verizon still has not updated their on demand to show the new episode! Is there something I can do to update my on demand besides rebooting my cable box (because I've tried that many, many times already)?



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Re: On Demand Updates

Sapphire13. I came over to Verizon in November from Comcast. I was used to prime time shows being ON Demand the next day which was the norm. Since I switched to FIOS I have been complaining over & over about the length of time it takes for On Demand to have prime time shows with little or no improvement.

Just this week, I called tech support to ask who I could speak to in management about this issue, I was told you have to go thru tech support. I was also told that there is no one specifically assigned to On Demand and that when the shows come over freom the networks they are in a different format and have to be reformatted which is time consuming. But, here we are with shows from Monday&Tuesday nighta still not ON Demand!

Verizon doesn't seem to care, so good luck trying to get someone to fix this problem.