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Once Again Verizon Fix Your Guide
Specialist - Level 1

I have been for a very long time contacting verizon trying to get things on the guide to match but with every single day that passes i continue to find more and more channels that do not have the correct data there for me to set up a series or for me to even tape one show on a channel. If you look at the other comments that i have made on here in the past you can see that they have been primarily about the guide being off and once again i am seeing a lot of people who are having the same exact issues that i am having. I have had an open ticket for over three years about the guide in my view but it continues to get closed over and over again because there has been a reluctance by the group that is within your own company to fix this issue. While the status quo may be acceptable by a lot of people out of there it is completely unacceptable for a company that bills itself as being "a network ahead" when you continue to have inaccurate data on your own guide. If i wanted this kind of reluctance by a company to address an issue that is of importance not only to me but to everyone else who has you for their tv service then i would have stuck with a cable company not a company that sells itself as being " a network ahead."  For a while now i have been doing the jobs of the group that is within your own company by contacting channels for them to get the new data out there but it should not be done by me or anyone else when you have a group that is being paid to monitor the guide to make sure that all the data that is on it is up to date. I also see that there is a contract dispute that has upset many customers that has them contemplating or they may have already cancelled their service because of the problems with the tennis channel but for those of us who are without a channel 466 which should be al jazeera english this is nothing new. A month and a half has gone by without a channel there and while i have been able to confirm that AJE should be there it is still not up. Tennis channel fans should not hold their breath because it will take a long time before they can get that channel back if it even comes back. The IMG release date for new jersey and three other areas are supposed to happen this month but with verizon employees set to walk out on september 20 that could also have an impact on that date too. Whether the employees walk or not it has no impact on the customers who have  issues with the guide because it continues to get worse and worse as if there is no one there to assist the customers with this problem. How to resolve any guide issues is simple. All that is needed is for that specific verizon group who monitors the guide for incorrect data to send an email to the guide provider asking them to send the new schedule for a channel and then it will be up. For whatever reason that group does not want to do that so many are considering going elsewhere for their tv service and i can not blame them for doing so. Please understand that the frustration over finding even more and more new channels being off every single day makes it almost impossible to watch tv or set up anything to tape. It is not an issue with the customer's home or a matter of their equipment malfunctioning it is something that is internal which can only be corrected by the group within your own company that seems to have no desire to get things corrected. You can see some of the channels that are off for yourself if you tune in to 108 abc news now or 1664 where those are just a couple of examples that are off. Even movies that are in your movie packages do not match how they are described  on the guide. "Last man standing" for example with bruce willis and christopher walken that is on encore all month long is described as a different movie with a different cast that has jeff wincott as the star. I understand that it is impossible to make sure that every single program on the guide is accurate but at the very least what can be done is when you have an entire channel that is never right (and there are many of them) you could at least make the effort to fix them.