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One More Rant as to Fios features and "improvements"
Enthusiast - Level 1

What kind of marketers does fios have that force their programmers to do such a horrid job?

my wife and i got up this morning. beautiful sunny morning, warm for the first time. we turned on the tv, and saw a show we wanted, so i hit record... as she was getting ready for the day, i saw one that we could watch with breakfast. so i paused the movie, and we went to make breakfast... made it, came back, went to watch the movie, fast forward to its start.

my wife then aks for the description of the movie... so you hit play, the menu comes up.. .

it goes away too fast and so she asked me to display it again.

i hit it, and now, for some screwed up reason, it throws me to on demand

i dont want on demand. on demand cant pause, the play back is bad, when its bad you cant restart and move to where you were, you cant skip, and the list goes on on how horrible its implemented.

but you dont have a choice.. your watching a movie from the beginig with full features, and now fios things you want to go to on demand to watch what your watching with reduced features... screwed up

but, when we get back to the channel to see the movie... its now fast forwarded to current time, and fios has deleted the lead time so you cant go back

in fact, fios does this alot... unlike directv, which says, if you save some movie time, dont delete it.

fios says, if you save some movie time too bad, we know better, we will delete it, and peeve you off, then force you to a free on demand of the same movie wiht fewer features.

but now... you go to the movie on demand, click the hd like you had and go to try to watch and what do you get? a completely unwatchable scrambled mess that cant play no matter how many times you try.

so isnt that great... we have a wonderful morning.  save a bit of time to cook a great breakfast, sit down happy to watch, and voila... the fios programming is so horrid it ruins your morning...  you dont get to watch what you want, you lose what you have, your now **bleep** off at the DVR and you know that as long as your stuck on crap city dvr programming, your going to hae to deal with this oer and over

the new feature to go watch what your already watching is insanely stupid and horrid..

why does fios think that you want to stop what you are watching with longer pause time, ability to go back wards and forwards.. .which is critical to be able to get rid of the audio artifacts that constantly come up and scramble the voice.

this is one reason my wife and i try to avoid watchnig on demand. it not only wont let you back up to get rid of the audio crud, but will lose your location... want to really have fun? watch a movie for an hour and a half be on the last 15 minutes, get audio artifacts scrambling the sound, and now you have to watch 1 and a half hours with commercials to get back to what you were just watching.. 

oh joy

not to mention another issue is that you pay for 75megs... and then fios takes the time to slowly move your speed down farther and farter unless you watch it and call and spend an hour getting what you paid for.... ie, their norm is to cheat you from what you pay for, to some lower rate and pocket the money.

right now, i pay for 75, i get 50, and sometimes it drops to 30...

why pay for 75, if you only get 50..

why have to keep calling to stop them from cheating you? i earn money when not calling fios.. .

and i know its a cheat as they never make a mistake in your favor.

you never ever subscribe to 50 and accidently get 75.

what a freaking mess..

my wife and i are disussion paying more to get away from this horrid thing.

and its been horrid this way for two years of our subscription

the idea that the DVR delete time you have saved sucks big time.

the fact your disk drive is too small to record everything so this doesnt happen sucks

the fact that they replace commercials with stuff that is connected to google and facebook really sucks

[i went online looked up some stuff and for months had to see the same commercial over and over for some scam options trading book i dont want, never wanted, was never interested in, etc... but i could not shut it off to see other commercials. even worse, they will do this after you buy the product in other cases. i was at work, needed to search for something, now that something my company purchased is unundating me with ads for something i already purchased!!!!]

the idea that fios changes the operation of the DVR then blames you for not knowing the changes, or being used to how it is and you been using it for years...  

all that stuff is completely annoying... as is having to get a pin number to log in every time as passwords dont work right. i had to create a diferent forum id, as the system would not let me log in with the one i have... so i have to reregeister to post most times...

they would be the best company in the world if it wasnt for the idea that they leverage the great tech to mistreat their customers, give bad service, program the dvr with substandard choices of operation, cheat them out of bandwidth stealing time from their lives they wont get back to tell them to up it again..  (sorry, i am a programmer in researxh computing, its not hard to know how much bandwitth your delivering and compare that with the contract rate.  if i didnt pay my bill, you would harm my credit, my family, and future... but you get to cheat the customer out of bandwith they pay for, and what happens? nothing...

of ourse this rant will go nowhere...   why should it?

its not like they will refud me the money for bandwidth they didnt deliver (as i dont have the time to have some person who can barely program tell me to reboot hundred times and waste an hour before saying, its on our side. etc).

its not like they will change dvr programming to presere what you want, and not dump it cause they want to

the way i see it, the only reason for them to dump what your watching to see what your watching is so that they can fluff up the numbers on the on demand services when reporting growth to shareholders... ie. scamming the investors.

there is no other real reason to have that other than scamming or incompetence. and neither are good... are they?

dumping what people are watching for the same thing with less features cant be spun into a postive.. can it?

thats it for now...

rather than watch a movie this morning and being happy, we did not get to have that

in fact, we are thinking why bother with a service that constistently changes a good day into a bad day as a NORMALcourse of business?

[i have been a customer since their bell atlantic days... their tech is great, but this stuff really stinks and with their money and so forth, they could do a lot better... switching back to directv may be the only way to go as that dvr does not do the stupid horrid stuff that fios does, it preserves your shows, and overall, the software is much better, without any artifacts or scrambling all the time...

i suspect that i will lose this online name again... why not?  they lost the other one and locked me out of that...

Re: One More Rant as to Fios features and "improvements"
Specialist - Level 2

There are settings you can change or disable for some of the issues you mention. you should go into the menu's settings and explore. Turn off promotions, etc..