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PPV without data connectivity?
Enthusiast - Level 1


Is it possible to watch FIOS pay-per-view with a set top box that does not have data connectivity (but does get the TV signal)?

The issue is the wiring in my house is a bit wonky. Some rooms get a full connection to FIOS--TV, guide data, on demand, etc.--other rooms get the TV signal but no data. If I order PPV online or on the phone (not through one of the boxes) can I watch it in a room without data?

Other questions about watching a single PPV event in multiple rooms suggest this might work.

(I've swapped boxes to confirm the issue is the house, not the boxes. The same box will have data in one room, but no data in another. )

Thanks 🙂

Edit: oh, and the box is HD QIP 71001, if that makes a difference

Re: PPV without data connectivity?
Master - Level 3

You should be able to as the PPV is a linear channel (1000 or 1001).  However to watch on that box you will have to order by phone or web since the box can't request authorization due to the lack of data connection (although I am not sure if data connection is required for authorization or if it is done over the TV band data channel).  If you get guide data it should work but can't guarantee.

Re: PPV without data connectivity?
Enthusiast - Level 1


I replaced a signal booster and 2 splitters with units rated for MoCa/2-way signals (3GHz), so right now the room with the issue has guide data and PPV events are showing up in the menu. However when I try to order the event (the fight tonight) it says no data.

That's a lot more than prevously when I wasn't even getting guide data. I wondering if it just takes more time for full data to download. (I checked immeadiately after swapping the hardware.)

Plan right now is order through the web, and hope everything works tonight. I suppose I could have resolved all these issues before inviting a bunch of poeple over for the fight, but where's the fun in that? 😉