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Problem with my channel guide...
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Recently I have been having problems with the channel guide for FiOS TV. However, it's only with the one TV.  The other TVs in the house are fine.  

So what the problem is, is when you press the "Guide" button and it switches to the channel selector screen it doesn't list what show is playing or the description.  It just says "Please wait..." For every single channel.  And then if you select the says it can't find the program.  However, if you type in the channel number it will go to the show.  Occassionally, it's been cutting out, too.  I'll be watching a show and it will cut out.  Sometimes it comes back. Other times I just have to switch channels, then switch back and it will play again.  And maybe it's worth mentioning that this has been going on for a week.  

Like I said - it's only happening on one TV out of 4.  Any suggestions? 

And I also need to say, I really hope FiOs changes the guide menu. This new one is awful.


Re: Problem with my channel guide...
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There apepars to be signal interference on this STB and if you haven't checked the Video On Demand is prob not working either. What I would suggest is this go to Menu > Customer Support > Self Diagnostics > Press OK to start diagnostics. It is very likely that you will get mostly failed results(if you don't then good & in this case keep in mind the results for S/N ratio to compare later). Unplug the STB from the electical outlet, then while is unplug disconnect the coax cable that connects to the rear of the STB(should be the closest to the edge opposite from the power cord), do the same at the other end of the coax cable for instance the wall jack or splitter. Give it about 30-60 sec and connect the coax cable first then plug the STB back to the outlet. Run another Diagnostics test as mentioned above once the STB re-initializes. Confirm that all the results are success and green (DVR might show red depending if you have one or not). What you have done then is eleminated any static that has build up on the coax cable which is causing you interference causing the picture to break and a good communication to the Router which provides the guide, VOD and widgets

Re: Problem with my channel guide...

Solution to Verizon Quantum FIOS TV Guide “Please Wait” Issue:

== Read entire sequence below before attempting ==

  1. Physically Unplug power cable to Router and ALL cable boxes and leave unplugged for at least 5-10 minutes. (lets capacitors discharge)
  2. Physically disconnect all CAT-5 cables from the back of Router. The only lines that should be plugged in the Router now is the coax cable.
  3. Plug in power to Router ONLY! Let it boot up for 5 minutes until the Network light on the front blinks green.  (do not plug in cat-5 yet)
  4. Now, IN ORDER -- ORDER IS IMPORTANT HERE!  Plug power in on MASTER cable box only.    Press “Menu” button on remote and wait for it to go through the connection sequence.  STOP HERE.  Wait for TV signal to appear on home screen.  Your TV guide info should work here.  If it does not then skip to the Troubleshooting step below.
  5. Repeat step 4 for all SATELLITE cable boxes. Wait until TV & Guide appears before proceeding to the next cable box.  Leave cable boxes & TV ON after completion and move to the next.
  6. Repeat step 4 for all secondary MASTER cable boxes.
  7. All TVs and boxes should now have cable & guide.
  8. Plug in all CAT-5 network cables into Router.


If, in step 4, your MASTER cable box does not establish a video signal / guide info then do the following:

  1. Check your cable connections
  2. Unplug power from MASTER box
  3. Use paperclip to reset router to it’s shipping settings by finding the small hole on the back of the router, inserting the paperclip point, and depressing button for 30 seconds. (WARNING – This will wipe out all settings & Wi-Fi info and reset the router to factory default).
  4. Once reset proceed to step #1.

Note – Order is EXTREMELY important!!  By leaving just 1 CAT-5 network cable in the back of the router during this process it will FAIL.  By leaving just 1 other cable box powered up during this process it will FAIL.  I've found the communication between the cable boxes and the Actiontec router to be extremely delicate and prone to interruption.

Good Luck!


PS>  Has anyone found out why the Verizon Actiontec router keeps resetting IP connections and seems to have such a hard time responding to DHCP request for IP addresses?  NAT table overflow?

I’ve had some success configuring the router to extend IP leases from 24 hours to 1 week but still have a “resistance” by the router to issuing out new IP address.  Have to try multiple hardware device resets (of the computer, etc) before it finally gets an IP address.  Any thoughts?

Re: Problem with my channel guide...
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Community Manager

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